Our Story

Founded in 1999, Aperia was created to solve the needs of a merchant credit card processor, The Merchant Net. With billions of processing volume and higher end merchants (averaging $900k each in sales volume annually), merchants, sales people and management needed robust reporting tools to manage their credit card sales.

Over the next several years, Data Delivery Services (renamed and branded to Aperia in 2012) grew from 3,000 merchants on its systems to over 6 million businesses by 2016 representing over 150 clients world-wide. From our humble beginnings, this private family owned company today has offices in the United States, Europe, and Asia with over 350 employees, and growing.

“…this private family owned company today has offices world-wide with over 350 employees…”


We bring the same passion, creativity, and expertise to every problem we work to solve, with the objective to move your business forward. Our product philosophy has centered on leveraging leading-edge technology to create innovative, inspired, and efficient applications for financial and medical institutions to lead them into the future. Our design philosophy is to build user-centered, beautiful products that delight and exceed expectations. We are relentless on security and data protection and we act with the great responsibility that comes from the trust that our Clients put in us. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of professionalism, productivity, and teamwork recognizing the strength that comes from the diverse skills and experience of our employees.

Maximizing Your Revenue

We continue to add to our product sets to provide functionality that benefits the end users and revenue opportunity for our clients. Recent enhancements include internal scanning, small business endpoint security, and data breach protection. Our clients have generated hundreds of millions in fees and revenues from our product sets.

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