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A multi-national financial institution

The Client processes applications for service from multiple sources including sales agents, partners, and third parties. Over time through acquisition and expansion, the Client’s portfolio of order management systems became complex and required extensive manual effort and support. The existing solution did not scale and limited the growth of the business area.


The Client desired a comprehensive and flexible order management application to provide a unified, simple, and consistent experience for capturing application orders, validating data for accuracy and completeness, and integrating to the Client order fulfillment systems.



Utilizing Aperia’s extensive knowledge and experience in developing highly functional and elegant user interfaces, Aperia designed, developed, and delivered a highly-optimized solution to enable the Client users to efficiently capture, validate, approve, and transmit order data for processing. The solution made use of UI/UX techniques, table driven validation, and customized workflow to ensure quality data capture and eliminate processing errors downstream. While the development of these enterprise class front end applications were important for the efficiency and ease of use for the users, the key to the solution was the integration with the various back end platforms. Aperia used its expertise to seamlessly connect the applications using a SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) approach.

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