A comprehensive, turn-key solution that simplifies the GDPR compliance process by combining easy to follow security and compliance modules with state-of-the-art workflow that instantly provides the infrastructure businesses need to comply with the GDPR requirements.










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Tracking compliance to the GDPR rules for consent and incident management is essential. With GDPRSecure, you can ensure you are playing by the rules with easy interfaces to record customer consent and extensive alerting and notifications to manage your compliance.

Assessment and Classification

Cut through the complexity of the GDPR and quickly and easily determine the impact to your business with our simple assessment wizard.


Actively manage your customer relationships as they relate to GDPR requirements and protect your business from penalties with GDPRSecure’s extensive audit and reporting capability.


Stay up to date on regulations and train your business on the roles and responsibilities of GDPR through the GDPRSecure self-paced training module complete with attendance tracking and knowledge assessment.

Full Data Security and Protection

Leverage GDPRSecure’s modular features to integrate with your business applications to identify sensitive data, implement tokenization and encryption schemes, and store your data.


With GDPRSecure’s hosted integration framework, reduce your dependence on your internal IT resources and simplify your GDPR solution with easy to use web plug-ins and simple APIs.

Additional products


Discover a powerful suite of tools for Risk Monitoring, Residual Reporting, Portfolio Management, ISO/Agent Bank Reporting, CRM, Revenue Management, and more.

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With our robust compliance validation, reporting, and communications platform, merchants can identify and address network weaknesses, so that they can achieve compliance. Acquirers can create meaningful analytics to design general and targeted enforcement programs, execute merchant communications, report results, and much more.

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Our 1099K tax reporting and management module provides taxable income reports that conveys amounts reported to the IRS, including sales and deductions for the merchant. The platform also provides comprehensive tools to manage TINs and B-Notices for Backup Withholding to meet regulatory requirements.

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Our HIPAA Help Center solution provides covered entities with the infrastructure they need to comply with the HIPAA standard, including: Risk Assessment, Policies and Procedures (privacy and security), Employee Education and Awareness, Contingency Planning and Testing, Incident Response Management, Business Associate Management, and Asset Management.

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