Your compliance headache is gone with HIPAA Help Center. Our application handles every detail, providing covered entities with the infrastructure they need to comply with the HIPAA standard. In other words: Less stress, more money. No more days or weeks sacrificed preparing for an audit. With HIPAA Help Center, you can generate your audit-ready report with a click of a button.










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Incident Response

If a HIPAA violation occurs, our application provides users with reactionary steps to correct problems and preventative measures to stop the incident from occurring again. Through this module, users can appropriately address the incident by reviewing the problem and applying sanctions where applicable.

Audit Reports

Covered entities can generate an audit report with the click of a button. In the audit module, users can populate the screen with system-generated reports created from data that resides in HIPAA Help Center. In this section, users can review their contingency plans, employee rosters, employee training logs and more. The module also suggests reports that have not yet been generated but may be helpful during an audit.

Policies and Procedures

Provides a space for users to approve and implement policies and procedures. Under the HIPAA Security Rule, covered entities must not only have processes in place to safeguard protected health information, but they must also regularly review the procedures and modify them as necessary. The Policy module makes this workflow easier and allows auditors to see what emendations users have made, further demonstrating compliance.

Employee Training

A comprehensive breakdown of all facets of the law through the Training module. HIPAA Help Center’s Training Management System makes it easy to learn the details that help covered entities remain compliant. With this application, workforce members will learn everything from the basics, through training courses such as “Introduction to HIPAA,” to more specific requirements, with course such as the “Data Backup Storage”.

Asset Inventory

Track and maintain all forms of media that house electronic protected health information. The Local Administrator or designated workforce members can enter information that pertains to operational business assets.

Contingency Plans

HIPAA requires all covered entities to have a contingency plan to ensure that business operations can continue in the event of an interruption. HIPAA Help Center’s Contingency module provides users with directions on how to build a strategy to meet this compliancy component efficiently. The module also stores the plan within the application.

Risk Assessment

Covered entities must know their risk ratings to ensure the effectiveness of electronic health information safeguards under the HIPAA Security Rule. Our Risk Assessment module gives users up-to-the-minute risk rating, allowing health care professionals to remain aware of their compliance at all times.

Business Associates

Track of business associates and view details pertaining to their relationships with the covered entity. The Privacy Officer and/or appointed designee can view the business associates demographic information, HIPAA compliance agreement status and the details around business associate access to ePHI. This module allows users to ensure the presence of adequate safeguards for the information you share with business associates.

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