VisionWeb is the preeminent SaaS platform for the payments industry. Our white-label solution enables acquirers to service multiple downstream entities including ISOs, merchants, chains, associations, sales agents, sub-ISOs and agent banks. With the industry’s first mobile reporting portal, merchants have access to the tools necessary to manage the complex payments workflow.










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From lead management to prospect to customer management, our solutions optimize the customer experience with state of the art user interfaces, custom integration with external platforms and configurable modules to meet your unique needs.

Case Management

A true operations manager dream come true – know your outstanding cases, attach Service Levels to cases for prompt or focused attention.


Add your new merchant accounts quickly, efficiently and with robust tools such IFTTT (If This Then That) rules to accommodate all terminal, gateway, and POS combinations. Make quick underwriting decisions and improve merchant throughput. Ease of use and real time status of merchant applications, loved by Sales Agents and ISOs. View VisionWeb: Boarding

Risk Monitoring

Aperia’s customers experience less than half a basis point in losses. VisionWeb Risk Management provides acquirers and their ISOs with access to up-to-the-minute analysis, with all of the expected parameters and rules needed to monitor a portfolio for fraud. Add in historical data for research, trend reports, credits report, R&CB reports, Auth logs, EMV and robust case management and you have Aperia’s industry leading software for merchant fraud monitoring.

Residual Reporting

Integrates robust compensation functionality into the VisionWeb solution. Configured to meet your individual organizational needs, the system provides end-to-end Residuals processing from organizational setup and compensation planning, to monthly calculation and payout.

ISO/Agent Bank Reporting

Flexible, timely, and accurate reporting is key to providing quality service. All merchant activity is rolled-up and consolidated by your unique hierarchy. All the relevant data points are available for every sales channel you identify. With Summary Dashboards all of the pertinent consolidated data is at your fingertips.

Interactive Statements

Instead of simply putting your paper statement online, look at the Merchant Statement as a way of reinforcing your relationship with your Merchants and engaging with them as a business service provider. Your branding. Your colors. Your data. Beautiful user interface, easy to understand and non-processor data can be integrated into your statement. Add in gift card, loyalty, check and other product data seamlessly. Key features include targeted messaging and customized monthly marketing campaigns. Your customers can click into the interactive statement to discover deeper detail. Multiple printing options are available, or stop the print and mail cycle all together and go 100% online with email and SMS notifications.

Revenue Management

Gain insight to the transactions which are “under water” and find pricing errors before they become costly. VisionWeb profitability provides daily reporting for under or overpriced merchants. Monthly revenue and expenses are broken down by category and sales channel and also allow the user to input back office and overhead expenses. Downstream sales channel partners can also be provided with reporting or raw data at their hierarchy level.


Work in tandem with your help desk by increasing efficiency and promoting self-service. Connect with your customers in the most efficient ways possible!

Documents Repository

Keep track of important letters, faxes, and more by attaching these documents directly to the merchant’s record.

Additional products

VisionWeb Boarding

Expedite the revenue stream and accelerate the boarding of new customers to your platforms using VisionWeb Boarding to efficiently capture and validate customer data, monitor the processes through configurable workflow, and provide robust reporting and analytics.

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With our robust compliance validation, reporting, and communications platform, merchants can identify and address network weaknesses, so that they can achieve compliance. Acquirers can create meaningful analytics to design general and targeted enforcement programs, execute merchant communications, report results, and much more.

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A comprehensive, turn-key solution that simplifies the GDPR compliance process by combining easy to follow security and compliance modules with state-of-the-art workflow that instantly provides the infrastructure businesses need to comply with the GDPR requirements.

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Our 1099K tax reporting and management module provides taxable income reports that conveys amounts reported to the IRS, including sales and deductions for the merchant. The platform also provides comprehensive tools to manage TINs and B-Notices for Backup Withholding to meet regulatory requirements.

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Our HIPAA Help Center solution provides covered entities with the infrastructure they need to comply with the HIPAA standard, including: Risk Assessment, Policies and Procedures (privacy and security), Employee Education and Awareness, Contingency Planning and Testing, Incident Response Management, Business Associate Management, and Asset Management.

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